We always enjoy hearing about people's experiences with Bike Michiana for Hospice. Do you have a story you would like to share, either about why you ride in the event, or just about riding in the event itself? Share your story here.


2011 Ride Testimonials

The post-ride party will be TERRIFIC.  Homemade pulled pork fresh off the grill plus many other food offerings. Live music by Banana Jones, terrific desserts and the most relaxing atmosphere after any ride, anywhere!

“This was my first year and it was a blast.” 

”Well organized, great food & great people.” 

“The most fun I’ve had on an organized ride in a long time.”

“Wonderful event for a wonderful cause!”

“Well organized.”

“Great SAG food!”

“The food was healthy and flavorful!”

“Best food at SAGs ever, thank you.”

“This was my first Hospice ride, and I will bring friends next year!”

“First time riding in it and it was fantastic.”

“Had heard it had the best SAGs ever and it sure lived up to it.”

“Absolutely the best ride I have ever participated in.  Kudos to all that made this happen.”

“Please take us by the vineyards again.”

Story about the 2011 Ride by the ND Cycling Club

Some ND riders spent Sunday September 11th volunteering at the Spicer lake sag stop of the annual Bike Michiana for Hospice Ride.  Up bright and early, by 8am we arrived at the start line and were greeted warmly by hundreds of cyclists taking part in the day’s festivities.  The twenty miles out to Spicer Lake were largely uneventful and although the news had promised rain, blue skies and sun washed over the rolling fields and scattered woods of Northern Indiana all morning. Staff at Spicer lake encouraged us to do some more riding before our shift started at 11, so we took off on a 25 mile route of largely unknown territory. Our adventure turned was a great success not only for the awesome forested roads we discovered, but also for the garage sale we stopped at towards the end of the loop! After spending some time lamenting the state of ND’s football program with the lady running the sale, Nate picked up some awesome riding goggles. After returning to Spicer Lake we had a delicious lunch prepared by Yesterday’s of Granger and  got to work. Andrew showed his culinary expertise in the slicing of avocados while Nate, Joe, Pat, and Phil flexed their muscles refilling water jugs. A steady stream of riders came through all afternoon including Dean Crawford of the College of Science and his wife. We enjoyed talking to the local community and everyone wanted to know more about our race team. During some lulls in the action we took the opportunity to listen to the local band that was performing while falling asleep on lawn chairs under a tree. Everyone agreed it was an excellent vacation from school. Some guys also had a chance to do some hiking in Spicer Lake County Park and enjoy some of the best scenery in the Michiana area. At around 4, with work at the sag station mostly finished, we sped back to the start/finish line encourage on by cheers of “Go Irish” from every group we passed. To cap the day off, Bike Michiana put on a great pork bbq in St. Patrick’s park complete with big screen TV and band. Returning to campus, our total ride distance was 80 miles and a great day out in the local community has us looking forward to the next Bike Michiana event!